Abrasive Wheels and Hand Tools Awareness

  • Automotive, Construction, Employability, Engineering, Manufacturing, Warehousing / Facilities
  • Location / Campus, Work-Based
  • Full Time, Daytime / Working Hours, Day / Block Release, Flexible
  • 7 hours study


As there are no binding safety requirements across the world for abrasive products, users are naturally worried and buying safe abrasives for the many fields of use is made that much more difficult.

In the UK the British Abrasives Federation (BAF) provides a vehicle whereby abrasive suppliers have the opportunity to take an active role in the generation of safety rules, regulations and standards common to all participating countries.

This programme is designed to  introduce and support progression for those employed or looking to gain employment in environments where the safe use and application of abrasive wheels and hand tools is a requirement. 

Upon completion of this course learners would have basic understanding and awareness of the safe use of abrasive wheels together with equipment and hand tools used in a workshop relevant to all aspects of Engineering and Manufacturing environments.


What you'll learn / gain skills in

Understanding Hazards, Risks and Precautions               

          Training, Safety, Legal Requirements                


Abrasive Wheels - Storage, Handling and Use               

          Types of abrasive wheels               

          Markings - EN /  oSa numbers               

          Grit sizes / Mesh               

          Hardness and uses               

          Speed and implications               

          Safe Handling - Guards, implications of mis-use               

          Wheel breakages - Causes and how these can be avoided               

          Pneumatic airlines - Accidents and Hazards

Practical Activities - Angle Grinder / Chop Saw / Bench Grinder / Pedestal Grinder              

          Demonstrate ability to understand and identify functions and key components               

          Demonstrate ability to inspect and test abrasive wheels               

          Demonstrate ability to safely mount a wheel

Use of Bespoke Tools and Equipment - Belt Linisher / Pedestal Drill / Hand tools              

          Understand and identify functions and key components              

          Understand checks required              

          PPE selection              

          Application and safe use


Observation, Feedback and Verification of Training

Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements. However, all students will complete a short initial assessment on Literacy and Numeracy. Students must also provide eligibility evidence to meet European Social Funding regulations, including:

  • Employment status
  • DOB
  • Residency
  • National Insurance number

Examples of relevant documentation include Passport, Drivers licence, National Insurance Card, Payslip.

The course can be attended by both the employed and unemployed.

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