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Developing a consistent approach to Sales, Selling & Business Development

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Consistency is key to on-going success. Long term sales success means building business relationships and partnerships focused on understanding and solving business problems. This session will remove the preconceived idea of sales people and the sales industry; providing participants with structure and techniques that will ensure successful sales conversations.

What you'll learn / gain skills in

Developing the right mind-set for sales success:

An introduction to our methodology, Selling at a Higher Level.

We will share a motivation tool designed by Dean Spitzer which will help us to understand our inner motivators.

Creating maximum success for our customers, ourselves and our company most of the time, consistently. Shaping our environment to help us achieve more.

Creating a great first impression:

We will understand the power behind creating a great first impression and how to use it to open conversations and allow you the valuable time needed with new prospects

The Message Map:

The Message Map exercise is a great way to really simplify your business message to get the right conversation started.

Spending time where we can be most effective:

Effective qualification using durhamlane’s Magic 35 qualification framework. This tool will provide a framework for a question-based sales approach and will help introduce, form and create a common commercial language for all involved.

Wrap up:

We will pull the learnings from the session together and will conclude with actions that support learning reinforcement and behaviour change.

At the end of this session each participant will recognise the value of the sales process. They will have created a range of punchy and effective introductions and messages designed to help engage prospects and customers as well as deepening understanding of the qualification process in sales. Spending our time where we can be most successful.

Entry Requirements


The course can be attended by both the employed and unemployed.

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