Electric Vehicle Routine Maintenance and Repair

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  • 3 Days


During this three day course you will cover both:

Electric Vehicle Routine Maintenance and Repair (Level 2) 

This is designed for people who require knowledge of vehicle high voltage systems and how to make them safe.

New generation EV and Hybrid vehicles present a different type and level of hazard, and specialist knowledge and ability is essential to work safely on these machines. This course is suitable for people who need to make electric or hybrid vehicles safe to carry out routine maintenance activities, however, it does not qualify the candidate to work on a vehicle high voltage system.

Electrically Propelled Vehicle System Repair and Replacement (EP4) IMI Level 3

This is designed for people who wish to safely carry out maintenance and repair activities on vehicle with an electric drive system. This course covers the theory and practice necessary to isolate the vehicle high voltage system and then carry out maintenance and repair activities. It includes test procedures, fault finding and the removal and replacement of electric drive system components, such as batteries. 

What you'll learn / gain skills in

You will cover the theory and practice of making vehicles safe to work on, how they may be suitably reinstated ready for road use and includes practical training, including vehicle systems, use of test equipment and reading/resetting fault codes.

You will also study the practical aspects of working with electric and hybrid vehicles, including:

  • Vehicle assessment, preparation and isolation
  • Standard operating procedures for vehicle high voltage systems
  • The use of test and inspection equipment on vehicles with electric drive systems
  • Systems, component identification, testing, fault finding and removal/replacement of electric drive components

You will receive two qualifications:-

Institute of Motor Industries (IMI) Level 2 Routine Maintenance and Repair Activities on Electrically Propelled Vehicles

Institute of Motor Industries (IMI) Level 3  EP4 Electrically Propelled Vehicle System Repair and Replacement 


Experts say that within the next 8 years around 10% of all road going vehicles will be electric or hybrid. At the moment the infrastructure and skills to look after these vehicles does not exist and career opportunities are, therefore, exceptional.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal educational or skill requirements, but evidence of technical knowledge is required. Vehicle high voltage systems are dangerous and potentially fatal, so we exercise the right to restrict access to those with a background in vehicle or electrical technology. For nonelectrical or technician candidates, a route is available through our awareness and hazard management courses.

The course can be attended by both the employed and unemployed.

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