Introduction to Java Programming

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This course will give you an introduction to computer programming, whether you have experience programming or you have never seen code before, this course has something to offer you.

More and more jobs for programmers are coming up every day, and with the constant innovation and development of technology, the demand for programmers within industry is only going to continue to rise.

Delegates will develop skills and an awareness of software development, including the tools that can be used to create effective software solutions to given problems, using best practice to create robust and maintainable code.

What you'll learn / gain skills in

During this introductory course, you will be studying:

Introduction to programming principles

* Syntax

* Naming Conventions / Code structure.

* Introduction to the IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Introduction to programming

* Variables.

* Control of Scope.

* Data Types and Return Types.

* Method Declaration.

* Simple logical programs.

Code Maintenance

* Commenting Code.

* Debugging Code.

* Handling & managing Errors.

Advanced basics

* Reference variables.

* Modifiers.

* Encapsulation.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements, however, participants should be computer literate.

The course can be attended by both the employed and unemployed.

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