Using Microsoft Access (Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced)

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  • Location / Campus, Work-Based
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This one-day course is for individuals who want to gain skills in using Microsoft Access at either introductory, intermediate or advanced level.

The session will provide the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to make best use of database software to create, edit, query and manipulate databases and produce professional reports at varying levels. The course contains exercises covering the following topics:

Introductory: Database Principles, Creating a Database, Adding Data, Using Forms 

Intermediate: Chart Wizard, Linking Forms, Importing/Exporting Data, Advanced Queries

Advanced: Macros (Conditional and AutoExec), Exporting, Inserting Pictures and Charts, Relationships and Joins, Adding Startup Control, Control panels

What you'll learn / gain skills in

Students will be able to make best use of database software to create, edit, query and manipulate databases to produce professional reports at varying levels depending on the session level.

It is recommended that individuals attend the Introductory and Intermediate classes on successive days to secure a solid foundation and then progress onto the Advanced session.

Entry Requirements

Although there are no formal requirements, students should be using Access in a work/home setting to get the most out of the courses.  

All students will complete a short initial assessment for literacy and numeracy. Students must also provide eligibility evidence to meet European Social Funding regulations, including:

  • Employment status
  • DOB
  • Residency
  • National Insurance number

The course can be attended by both the employed and unemployed.

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