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Ready to Launch!

  • Business Skills / Marketing / Digital Marketing, Business Startup, Enterprise, Leadership & Management, Personal Development
  • Face-to-Face (non-campus)
  • Daytime / Working Hours


Ready to Launch! is a two-day, non-residential course designed to help you prepare to launch your new business. 

What you'll learn / gain skills in

On Ready to Launch! you will learn some extremely valuable skills which will help you to ensure you are marketing your product or service to the right people in the most efficient and effective way.  Using the principles of Ready to Launch! will hugely increase the likelihood that your business will succeed and thrive.

Day 1

• Identifying your true customer/market

• Marketing and selling to them

• Identifying networking opportunities and networking effectively


Day 2

• Explore value of dark posts (creating content for your true customer)

• Custom audience creation

• Pixel tracking

• Advanced pay-per-click features

• Using Insights and Adverts Manager to assess conversion rates

Entry Requirements

In order to be eligible for Ready to Launch! you must:

Be employed or self-employed

Live in OR work in OR be seeking to grow your business into Northumberland, Tyne and Wear or County Durham 

This course will be appropriate for you if you are employed but looking to start a business of your own (either alongside or instead of you current employment). It will also be appropriate if you are self-employed and looking to launch another business.

You must be employed to be eligible for this course.

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